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Edmunds.com Inc. (stylized as Edmunds) is an American online resource for automotive information. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, and maintains an office in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Edmunds is privately held, with CarMax holding a minority stake.

Joe angrily mentioned, "Just used edmunds.com to get the Edmunds Deal on a vehicle, $325/month lease. Dealer responded and stated the price would be $389/month! Edmunds does not stand behind their deal and the dealers laughed all the way to the bank! Total SCAM site!"


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Former Employee - Director says

"Too many to list unfortunately. If you want to have a long, prosperous career with advancement and an opportunity to be set up for success, then this is not the right company for you. Upper management and Execs will act like they listen to new ideas, but in reality, they will never listen or act upon anything new because it might threaten their cushy existence. There is zero alternative business experience at the top. Literally zero. All of the top people have been at Edmunds forever and they have nothing new or innovative to bring to the table. They operate in a tiny box, and if you don't agree with their narrative, you will be pushed out of the company. It's that simple. There are leaders in the company (again, who have been there forever) that treat their direct reports like absolute garbage. One in particular who controls a large part of the western U.S. has countless HR complaints for harassing direct reports. Nothing has ever happened to this individual and he has a job for life, because he echoes the narrative within the small circle at the top. So, he has a job for life. This is a glaring example and a microcosm of how the entire organization operates across all of their departments. Secondly, the company knowingly rips off their customers. They allocate a tiny portion of the overall budget of a client's spend to actual media. They take 60%-80% of the money and pocket it. Their reputation on the street is awful. Their cancel rate is astronomical and there is no bottom in sight. It's very sad, because with the right leadership and ownership the company could innovate great things and be a leader in the industry. But, this will never happen. Ever."

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"As a family owned business, it feels like you are an outsider unless you're connected to the fam somehow."

Former Employee - Data Service Analyst says

"I was told that I would be able to learn SQL and a lot of other useful skills that would continue to help me grow professionally. Additionally, I was told that the work life balance was great due to their ROWE policy. I was also advised that their training was top notch and that they would allow me time to learn the role while providing attainable performance goals. This was not my experience. In terms of useful skills, this role was 50% waiting on hold from external inventory providers, while the other half was doing endless task from a queue to fix various discrepancies on the Edmunds.com website. I never dealt with databases or SQL EVER. Next, the ROWE policy is an excuse not to give employees time off. Result oriented work environment. If you get your work done, you get time off. Sounds good unless you are never done with your work. I worked 60 hours a week at that office and had to take home a laptop and do additional work after I got home. Its a salary position so forget about OT. Finally, the training I got was rushed, non specific, and from individuals who had worked there multiple years and didn't want to train people. Not to mention half the people in the department were fired while I was there. Fortunately, I found a job and quit before I received the boot as well. Those were all hard working and intelligent people who didn't deserve the treatment they got."

Former Employee - BDC says

"Poor play plan and poor ownership very disrespectful"

Current Employee - Account Manager says

"Company likes to brag about how they’re one of the best places to work, but they’re hiding so many negatives once you sign the offer. They pulled me in with the ‘set your own hours’ and work from home as much as you want idea, only to find out a couple months later the company decides to change their ROWE policy and now wants employees in the office much more often. How? Why? When my job is already getting done and well might I add. And with my current salary I can’t afford to live closer to allow more time in the office. Management hires and promotes people based solely on knowledge or education and not based on their people or soft skills. Lots of stress placed on people who aren’t paid enough. Family oriented? Not really! I would not recommend working here. I almost regret responding to that LinkedIn message, disrupted my life with a total front. LIFE, that’s an important word. You’re dealing with peoples’ lives here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management team is how most people that have left a recent review stated, they are under qualified managers with little to no experience. The southeast and mid Atlantic are the lowest ranking regions with the highest turnover in employees and clients. On top of the poor management the product has become a non performer. Just use Google to verify."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Family run business means top executives are all family, family friends, husbands/wives, nephews, cousins.....No experience at other firms over their career = disillusioned sense of selves, lack ability to make strategic decisions, blinded by lack of expertise. Being out-smarted in product, sales, marketing by their competitive set. Only a matter of time before bought, merge or go under."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"After the layoffs it just keeps going downhill. Morale is low and irrelevant management still exist"

Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"I hate to say it but these reviews are true. It’s really not a great place to work anymore and I’m trying to be optimistic but they really have mistreated some good people and they know the product doesn’t work but will tell you to lie to sell it basically. I understand the company having financial issues but I will never understand mistreating people or treating them like the are less than. I have never witnessed any discrimination or anything like that at Edmund’s but I could definitely see them sweeping it under the rug. If they did bad move, shame on the company and whoever is taking part. Never leave a fairly decent job to come to Edmunds, you will regret it. It’s a bad move. This is the worse so if you have if fairly decent, stay where you are bro."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sr. leadership is a joke. Managers should promote a productive and safe culture and not be condescending making people feel less than. I have seen sr. leaders talk down to my colleagues and made everyone in the room feel uncomfortable, yet relieved it was not our turn to be belittled. This company has zero direction. This was the only job that I did not feel secure in. If you are not in the "click" your life will be miserable here. They pivot every 2 seconds which not only confuses internal staff, but confuses our clients. This company needs a serious overhaul. People need to listen to the worker bees and not be dismissive."

Account Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible working conditions, the worst management and owners ever. They don't treat you like a working force inside the company. They don't care about their employees.horrible place"

Dealer Relations Manager (Current Employee) says

"My director was a micro manager. Spoke to me like a child. Company doesn’t do anything to bad management as long as their numbers are good. There are no raises nor opportunity for grow. The only ones that receive promotions are those who are part of certain clicks.Pay is goodHorrible managers"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"They were really good company to work for several years ago. Now they seem to be just like every other company worried more about appearances and their brand name than their employees."

Outside Sales Rep - New Jersey (Former Employee) says

"You are evaluated at your job based on your political and private relationship preferences. If you try to escalate a problem to upper management or VP's, you will be terminated."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Revolving door if you are not someone who will drink the kool-aid at all times. Management is unrealistic and refuses to acknowledge internal issues. Everyone at this place drinks WAY TOO MUCH."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Ultimately a disappointing experience where politics is the true profession. They love to talk about how they are innovative but in reality they just watch their competitors closely for the innovations and do the best the can to mimic them and undercut them by price. Even their 'redesigned' logo was a ripoff of another automotive company, Beepi. A lot of really stale management who care far more about keep the status quo than results and innovation and being challenged. The smoke and mirrors will draw you in but you'll see through it quickly.Decent pay plan base, horrible commission structure that is constantly changing.The entire management staff from regional directors on up."

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"Over night Travel Sunday through Friday. There is a lack of consideration for personal and family life. When addressed to management it appeared that they were upset that someone would consider it an issue"

Santa Monica - Analyst, Client Performance (Former Employee) says

"The company knowingly built a multi million dollar building knowing they were financially unstable. Financial instability continued and they laid off 30% of the company right before the holiday season. The company is overly obsessed with its image of being a "fun" "best place to work" but their actual treatment and concern for their employees is poor and nonexistent. Executives don't take concerns and considerations of employees seriously. There is no room for career development and the salary is low compared to the market. The only + to dealing with all this was that they gave you free snacks and allowed you to make your own schedule, but due to continued financial issues these policies no longer exist."

Sales Executive/Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"If you like to remain stale at your job, don't want to advance in a career, and want to be abused by your manager, this is the place. The benefits are great, but middle management is ineffective, lacks the experience and training to lead. It's all about who you know. If you're part of the clique, you can keep your job even if you're mediocre, lazy and don't contribute.Great benefits, foodManagement"

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (Former Employee) says

"The concept of the company and the environment is great but they just miss the mark on a lot of thing. The product is mediocre and they care very little about their sales and sales support. Vacationa and sick time are not encourages. It's fake, stressful, and these people do not live in the real world, they entice you over to the dark side. They have good sales people but they treat them so poorly they will soon be looking for more people.Salary, BenefitsManagement, Company STructure, Organization, Leadership"

Executive Director (Former Employee) says

"Solid company with some great people, but they seem to lay off a lot of people arbitrarily. Moreover, unless you are in the inner circle, there is no real opportunity for advancement.Free bagels on Fridays!Hard to advance"

Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"They don't value employees' output. It's probably because the company is run by business people other than tech people. Team is great but power struggle between managements hit the team constantlyWork CultureManagement"

Work Experience (Former Employee) says

"During my two weeks of work experience, I was responsible for manning the phones and franking the post to be taken to the post office."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I think Edmunds would benefit if it the manager's evaluation ptocess include ways of getting feedback from the people that reports to them."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"It was a great experience to work at this company for more than 4 years. Great team and new products for dealer clients. The hardest part of the Job was with my direct manager, I did all possible to please him, but was not easy.management"

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"The company makes changes on a whim, jeopardizing job security and clients. Fun work environment but often overworked and under valued. Overall good morale in the company but there is a lack of communication between departments and management."

Former member (Former Employee) says

"It was an average work experience. Things to love about the company, and things to hate about the company. The workplace experience is the best part about it."

Sr. Digital Content Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The best perk about this company, depending on which position you are in, is ROWE. That stands for Results Only Work Environment. Basically, you're allowed to work from wherever you feel the most productive or comfortable. There is no micro-management at least with my team, and everyone gets along well for the most part. If you do find yourself in the office however, there are many little perks they have, such as fruit infused water, fruits every morning, ping pong table, and a small video game arcade. Now on to the not so pretty. Although I haven't had a bad experience with any one of my managers, there are the usual office politics going on with those who fall into favor with the managers being promoted up the ladder. Those who don't are either let go or kept in their current positions for a longer time without any possibility for promotion. There is also a problem with communication. Not all the teams are aware of what the other team contributes and therefore doesn't realize the value they bring to the company. This also causes problems with any of the teams need more support. The same questions arise over and over and this creates unnecessary delays. This is especially apparent at the executive level where they might hand down initiatives that they think make sense, but really ends up benefiting only a handful of people, not the whole company.Free food, fruits, snacks, good work/life balance, nice bonuses.Lack of effective communication, cronyism"